Past Projects:

  •  Actor The Illustrated Girl (Kneehigh’s Asylum), written by Simon Harvey, Anna Murphy, and Carl Grose, directed by Simon Harvey, (September 2019).

  • Actor and Musical Director/ Musician, Many Moons (University of York as part of the Create. Engage. React. theatre festival), directed by Mischa Jones, (May/June 2019).

    • Currently working on this project.

  • Sound Designer and Musical Director, Antigone (University of York), directed by Mina Davis, (December 2018).

  • Co-Sound designer, Unrepentant,  (University of York), directed by David Barnett and written by Simon Van Der Borgh, (October 2018).

  • Performer and Storyteller, The Rambles (Hall For Cornwall Youth Theatre and Kneehigh), directed and written by Simon Harvey & Anna Murphy, (2018 Kneehigh Asylum season).

  • Stage ManagerSpace, Planets, Stars (University of York), directed and written by Melanie Spencer, (June 2018).

  • Co-Sound designer and Co-Lighting designer, Shoot, Get Treasure, Repeat (University of York), directed by Zach Pierce and Jessy Roberts, (May 2018).